University of the West Indies

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in research, knowledge creation and innovation on matters related to the Caribbean and Small Island States. UWI's research capacity is an important asset and the research agenda addresses priority areas aligned to specific developmental needs of the Caribbean region that we serve.

An innovative, internationally competitive, contemporary university deeply rooted in the Caribbean, the University has expanded to four campuses that serve diverse communities across the Caribbean region: Cave Hill in Barbados, Mona in Jamaica, St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago and the Open Campus – all delivering high quality education, research and other services.

As the premier Caribbean University, UWI boasts a robust academic schedule with 7 faculties, hundreds of programme offerings and four enrolment options.


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Adaptation Without Borders

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 

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Climate change and flood risk – Challenges for Jamaican communities

This case study describes the potential medium- and long-term impacts of climate variability and change on flood risk for selected study areas in Jamaica.

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