The University of Ouagadougou

The University of Ouagadougou is a public institution of the state, scientific, cultural and technical (EPSCT). Its fundamental mission is the development and transmission of knowledge for the training of men and women, to meet the needs of the nation. 

To do this, it has the following objectives:

  • the training of cadres in various fields particularly in Law and Economics;
  • scientific research and dissemination of research;
  • the raising of technical, scientific and cultural workers;
  • contribution to economic, social and cultural development;
  • the conferring of degrees and diplomas;
  • skills development in the sectors under his belt;
  • cooperation in training and research; 
  • promoting inter university exchanges.
ziniare oubritenga province burkina faso - climate adaptation.

Urban-rural water allocations in semi-arid lands

This report provides an overview of the issue of water allocation in Burkina Faso, specifically how/where Ouagadougou, sources its water, as an example of the ‘urban-rural water interface’.

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