United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific provides leadership and encourages partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples in Asia and the Pacific to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

It ensures that decisions of the UNEP Governing Council are effectively implemented in the region and that regional concerns and priorities are taken into account when developing UNEP’s programmes.

In Asia Pacific, ROAP works with governments, local authorities as well as industry to develop and implement cleaner and safer policies and strategies that encourages efficient use of natural resources and reduces risks for humans and the environment.

Integration of climate adaptation into development and conservation planning in Bhutan

Integration of Climate Adaptation into Development and Conservation Planning in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of 13 countries covered by the Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia. In June 2010, a climate adaptation scoping study was undertaken, with input from stakeholders in government, non-government organizations (NGOs), and academia. This report describes the results and integration into development and conservation.

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 Annapurna, Narchyang, Nepal. Photo by Giuseppe Mondì on Unsplash.

Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Bhutan and Nepal

This research brief from the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Platform for Asia (Adaptation Knowledge Platform) outlines how Bhutan and Nepal can advance with adaptation planning in respective context of socio-economic, political and climatic changes.

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Assessment of adaptation needs - Nepal

This report brings together various domains of climate-related knowledge activities by looking at: the institutional landscape policies; laws and regulations; knowledge generation and capacity; and ways forward.

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Cover Scoping adaptation assessment Viet Nam

Assessment of adaptation needs - Vietnam

This scoping study of climate change in Viet Nam draws on work irelated to the Adaptation Knowledge Platform to disseminate and exchange adaptation knowledge with a wider audience. Multiple institutions, organizations, and individuals that have provided key inputs and to report the state of climate change adaptation in Viet Nam.

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Assessment of adaptation needs - Thailand

 statements, interviews with stakeholders, a roundtable workshop, and suggestions on improving the linking of knowledge and action for adaptation to climate change in Thailand, and recommendations on options and priorities for the Adaptation Knowledge Platform activities of SEI and partners.

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Mainstreaming Adaptation in Asia

Mainstreaming adaptation into development planning has been promoted as an effective way to respond to climate change. The expected benefits include avoided policy conflicts, reduced risks and vulnerability, greater efficiency compared with managing adaptation separately, and leveraging the much larger financial flows in sectors affected by climate risks than the amounts available for financing adaptation separately. This report reviews the main approaches proposed and lessons learned from relevant experiences in the Asia-Pacific region

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