Uganda Meteorological Department


To monitor weather and climate, exchange data/information and products and issue advisories to clients.


To be a centre of excellence for provision of responsive weather and climate services for sustainable development.


“To provide accurate and timely weather and climate information and to promote its application for safety and improved productivity.”

  • The functions of Department of Meteorology include the following:
  • To interpret, review and recommend appropriate changes in the climate and weather policies;
  • To promote, guide and coordinate the implementation of policies and programmes;
  • To popularize the climate and weather services;
  • To analyse and document climate and weather trends and their implications on socio-economic development;
  • To align policies and programmes with climate and weather related international instruments;
  • To provide guidelines for preparation and review of climate and weather profiles and plans of action;
  • To build capacity at central and local government levels for the implementation of the climate and weather programmes;
  • To mobilize resources to support climate and weather programmes and activities;
  • To commission research and policy oriented studies to inform policy and programming;
  • To promote the integration of climate and weather factors in development planning at the national and lower levels;
  • To promote collaboration and strategic partnership with government agencies, academic institutions, civil society organizations, cultural and other institutions at various levels in the management of climate and weather programmes and projects;
  • To monitor, detect, attribute and predict climate change using scenario models;
  • To deal with climate change science.


Karamoja farmer

Impacts of climate change on food security and livelihoods in Karamoja

This study provides information on the existing threats to food security and livelihoods among households in Karamoja, and how climate change will exacerbate the situation

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HyCRISTAL; Integrating Hydro-Climate Science into Policy Decisions

HyCRISTAL's goal is to understand the challenges and context of climate change impact at local level and to inform local-based solutions. The research focuses on East Africa. 

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