Tanzania Organic Agricultural Movement

TOAM is the national umbrella organisation for organic agriculture. We are one of many such umbrella bodies around the world, linked through the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Our role is to coordinate and promote the development of the organic farming sector in Tanzania.

We work in five key areas:

  • Awareness Creation: working to increase the public’s knowledge of organic farming;
  • Capacity Building: increasing competences of trainers, extension staff and facilitators;
  • Information: as a focal point in the organic sector;
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: to influence the partnerships, networks, government departments;
  • Linkages and Networking: facilitating new linkages and networks and expanding existing ones.


Women farmers participate in community assessment of CC technologies

Farmers assess climate change technologies in Tanzania

Report of a community assessment exploring the takeup, effectiveness, gender benefit, and affordability of technologies introduced in a climate change adaptation project in Tanzania.

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Chololo Ecovillage

Chololo Ecovillage - The Book

Village residents tell their story of how the ecovillage project has changed their lives.

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climate change innovations in Chololo Ecovillage

This report summarises the outcomes of a community workshop held in Chololo on 2 August 2013.

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5230975d4e86bp1050236 - climate adaptation.

CVCA vulnerability analysis

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50d43043613bc-mg-0656 - climate adaptation.

Chololo Ecovillage

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