Too Big To Ignore

Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) is a research network and knowledge mobilization partnership established to elevate the profile of small-scale fisheries (SSF), to argue against their marginalization in national and international policies, and to develop research and governance capacity to address global fisheries challenges.

The partnership has the following main objectives:

  • promote recognition and understanding of the importance of SSF to livelihoods, wellbeing, poverty alleviation and food security;
  • explore SSF potential contributions to economic growth and development, environmental sustainability, stewardship, and community resilience;
  • assess SSF vulnerability to anthropogenic global change processes such as the growth of large-scale fishing operations, climate change, aquaculture development, tourism, marine protected areas, the private enclosure of coastal spaces, urbanization and migration;
  • encourage policy discussions and contribute information for improving decision-making about SSF;
  • advance knowledge and build local and global capacity in research and governance for the future of SSF.

 For a quick overview of the project structure and activities, check the TBTI Project overview