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weADAPT is developed and maintained by the Oxford Centre of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

SEI is an independent international research institute. We have been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for more than 20 years. SEI currently has offices in: Stockholm, Sweden (HQ); Oxford, UK; York, UK; Bangkok, Thailand; Nairobi, Kenya; Tallinn, Estonia; Somerville (MA), USA; Davis (CA), USA; and Seattle (WA), USA.

SEI was formally established in 1989 by the Swedish Government and celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2009. The Institute has established a reputation for rigorous and objective scientific analysis in the field of environment and development.

Our goal is to bring about change for sustainable development by bridging science and policy. We do this by providing integrated analysis that supports decision makers.

SEI’s five-year strategy and four research themes

Our five-year strategy for 2010–2014 is founded on a wide-ranging consultation with partners and stakeholders around the world. The strategy takes a global outlook on the next decade’s key environment and development challenges, and focuses on where SEI’s competence can best meet these challenges and advance sustainable development.

To this end, we have transformed SEI’s previous research programmes into four overarching themes:

These themes will enable us to take our research to a new level. For example, by integrating sustainable sanitation, water resource management, air pollution abatement, and stewardship of ecosystem services we will be able to support a new green revolution in Africa that responds to the need for climate adaptation.

Dialogue for decision-making: the ‘City Learning Lab’ approach

The FRACTAL ‘City Learning Lab’ approach is designed to facilitate problem-solving at the intersection of climate change and urbanization trends across cities in Southern Africa.

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What makes a good climate service?

From texts about pests to climate podcasts for women farmers, this article provides the lessons learnt, useful examples and insights from panellists at a COP22 event co-hosted by SEI.

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A woman tosses fish out to dry on Ngapali Beach, on the Bay of Bengal, in western Myanmar. © Jean-Marle Hullot / flickr

Gender, development and sustainability

SEI’s work on gender aims to narrow the gap between knowledge and policy and practice. This article presents key insights from this work up to 2014, as well as key activities.
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The SEI Gender and Social Equity Programme

The core objective of this programme is to address knowledge and policy gaps related to gender and social equity in order to inform and advance sustainable development policy.  

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Arctic Resilience Report 2016

This report is the culmination of a 5-year effort to better understand Arctic change, including critical tipping points, factors that support resilience and choices that strengthen adaptive capacity

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Transnational climate change impacts: An entry point to enhanced global cooperation on adaptation?

This brief explains how SEI developed indicators of transnational climate change impacts and discusses some of the implications for national adaptation planning and global cooperation on adaptation.

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Adaptation without Borders

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 

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Climate Finance

This theme focuses on how to ensure that climate finance serves to achieve meaningful, long-term change in economic and social development trajectories, particularly for developing countries.

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Transforming Development and Disaster Risk

Generating knowledge to integrate disaster risk reduction (DRR) with equitable, sustainable and resilient development, recognizing that development and DRR are interlinked.  

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To improve the capacity of research and training institutions in developing countries to support climate change adaptation and mitigation action.

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EcoAdapt - Ecosystem‐based strategies and innovations in water governance networks in Latin American landscapes 

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Small Islands and Climate Change

Promoting an understanding of the vulnerabilities and resilience of islands not only among SIDS but also among countries with islands.

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