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The Faculty of Environment covers Archaeology,  Sustainable Community Development, Environmental Science Geography, Resource and Environmental ManagementEcological RestorationHeritage Resource Management and Resource and Environmental Planning programmes.

The Adaptation to Climate Change Team at SFU produces a series of sessions on top-of-mind climate change issues that bring leading experts from around the world together with industry, community and government decision-makers to explore the risks and generate recommendations for sustainable adaptation.

ACT studies nine key climate change-related areas (Biodiversity, Extreme Weather, Food Supply, Health Risks, Low Carbon Economy, New Technologies, Population Displacement, Sea Level, and Water Security) and considers ways to protect Canadian environmental, economic and social well being.

Twitter: @ACTadaptation

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Adaptation Decision Making

Sharing methods, tools and approaches for adaptation decision-making.

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Strategic Dialogue and Engagement for Climate Adaptation

This course will provide you with skills to overcome barriers to action, mobilize knowledge and data effectively, and work across silos in genuine interdisciplinary and collaborative practice.

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Green Infrastructure in Urban Centres

The course provides an overview of how green infrastructure (GI) systems work, the ecosystem services they can provide, and how they can be employed effectively.

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Climate Change Adaptation Governance British Columbia

Climate Change Adaptation Governance in British Columbia

This article details key messages and recommendations from an ACT, SFU and Western University co-hosted workshop on climate change adaptation and governance in the context of British Columbia.

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Climate Risk: Getting to Action-Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

This report summarizes key examples of climate change challenges and solutions for selected professions synthesized from discussions conducted with professionals from various sectors.

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Adaptation to Climate Change Team

The Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT) brings leading experts from around the world together with industry, community, and government decision-makers to explore the risks posed by top-of-mind

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Climate change adaptation and water governance

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