SEA Change Community of Practice on Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Interventions

“SEA Change CoP” is a free online Community of Practice on monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions in South-East Asia and beyond! The SEA Change Community of Practice is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and technically and logistically supported by Pact, regional office Asia Eurasia. Our goal is to develop a culture of high quality and rigorous M&E frameworks, approaches and methodologies. We want to do so by developing partnerships between members of our platform and building member capacity for strengthening discourses and practices on M&E. Through our online platform, interactions and weekly newsletter our members share best practices, lessons learned, guidelines, approaches, methods, tools and innovations to improve M&E practices. We are also organizing monthly webinars on M&E, and support our members in publicizing their work and speaking engagements at regional conferences. The focus of the SEA Change community is mostly on M&E of climate change interventions though we clearly have links with natural resource management and disaster risk management. Do have a look at our website: You can register as a member through the following link, which will keep you informed about upcoming events and our free webinars: 

Becoming a SEA Change member is completely free and it will give you access to a platform of knowledge and like-minded professionals.


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Guidelines and tools for assessing the social and biophysical vulnerability to climate change.

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