Salonga Center

The Salonga Center deals with a range of issues affecting today’s society, such as environmental degradation, crime, poverty, the violation of human rights, labor and agrarian issues, and the effect of globalization on local development. The Salonga Center believes that pursuing and promoting equitable solutions to the challenges posed by these issues is the key to directing the social, political, and economic forces that influence Philippine development in the new millennium.

Vulnerability Assessment Module for Approaches to CCA Planning Workshops

VA module e-learning

This module has been developed in response to the need for more guidance on vulnerability assesment, in particular for coastal areas, in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Customised climate adaptation training for Dumaguete, Philippines

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Training modules SE Asia islands

A customised two-day training programme was designed, following a training needs assessment of participants, to provide an introduction to key concepts and methods to inform an 

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Small Islands Climate Adaptation Training

This project aims to support the planning of locally relevant climate adaptation programmes and projects by providing a combination of face-to-face and testing of electronic learning opportunities.

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