The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is one of Australia’s original and leading educational institutions, producing some of Australia’s most employable graduates. As an innovative, global university of technology, RMIT has an international reputation for excellence in work-relevant education and high quality research, and engagement with the needs of industry and community.

The RMIT Global Cities Research Institute's five research programs investigate questions of sustainability, resilience, security and adaptation in the face of processes of globalization and global climate change. The Institute engages in collaborative research that links institutions and people in long-term partnerships resulting in real-world consequences for communities, governments and organizations.

The RMIT Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP) research approach is based on the integration of quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methodologies. CCAP’s activity is deliberately multi-disciplinary, working closely with different academic schools and disciplines; as well as being shaped by new forms of engagement between scientific, policy, and practitioner communities. This integrative approach to research is essential if we are to effectively address the complexity of global environmental change and the ‘real world’ issues associated with a changing climate. The geographical scope of CCAP interests range from the local to the global, with the Asia-Pacific region as an important international focus for the program. In pursuit of this multi-level agenda, we continue to foster strong collaborative links both nationally and across the world.

Migration for Adaptation Guidebook

Migration for Adaptation: A Guidebook for Integrating Migration and Translocality into Community-Based Adaptation

This guide makes the case for integrating aspects of migration in community development.

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Irrigation by m-louis via Flickr

Potential applications of subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) predictions

This article shares the first comprehensive review of sectoral applications of S2S predictions, highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing their uptake.

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Toolkit front cover

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit and User Guide: a comprehensive guide to planning for climate change adaptation in three steps

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517fa9d55b93dlocal-climate-change-adaptation-planning-a-guide-for-government-policy-and-decision-makers-in-victoria - climate adaptation.

Local climate change adaptation planning

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Exploring the adaptive capacity of emergency management using agent based modelling

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Framing climate change adaptation in policy and practice

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