Fundación ProYungas

Fundación ProYungas is an NGO that works for environmental conservation and sustainable development, promoting territorial planning processes at different scales, actively linking production with the preservation of nature. Created in 1999, it develops its activities in the South American subtropics, mainly in the Norte Grande of Argentina, a region that encompasses the greatest environmental, cultural, and productive diversity of the country.

ProYungas links various actors so that, from their different areas and interests, they are actively involved in the sustainable management of the areas they share. Its purpose is to influence public and private policies related to the sustainable development of areas of high environmental valuation, in a context of social equity. For this, ProYungas relies on the best technical information available, its own or from third parties. In this sense, it works with state agencies, different NGOs, technical and academic institutions, companies and communities.

ROSA in white with a background of green vegetated mountains

ROSA: the Andean Network of Socio-ecological Observatories

Learn about the newly created Andean Network of Socio-ecological Observatories, which seeks to maintain permanent monitoring sites in the Andes, in this short blog post!

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A mountain in Aspen, Colorado with fall colours

The Aspen Declaration: A New Momentum for Mountains

Read the newly agreed declaration of the Mountain Partnership members, and learn about how they strive to jointly promote sustainable development in mountainous areas.

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Participants at the event, standing in a group, with mountains in the background

Sixth Global Meeting of Mountain Partnership: South America and the Andes participate as an active block

On Tuesday, September 26th, 2022, Adaptation at Altitude (A@A) hosted a side event at the Mountain Partnership’s Sixth Global Meeting in Aspen, Colorado, USA. The side event was aimed at showing regional information collected for the sustainable management of mountains in the South America and Andres region.

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