Pipelife International GmbH

Our business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic piping systems. We provide solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and industrial applications.


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Based in 27 European Countries, our products and solutions provide communities around the world with safe, healthy and carefree living for current and future generations. Together with our clients and partners, we develop product systems and solutions that help increase climate resilience. 

Stormwater management solutions for:

  • Flood protection (and prediction)
  • Rainwater storage / attenuation / reuse systems
  • Smart pumping stations
  • Railway and road drainage systems
  • Infiltration systems 

Energy transportation solutions for:

  • Underwater, above ground, difficult terrain (cable protection)
  • District heating and cooling
  • High- and low pressure green hydrogen infrastructure
  • Geothermal energy sourcing

Precision Agriculture:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Field drainage