PAU Education

P.A.U. Education is a private company based in Barcelona, Spain, founded in 1995 by Pierre-Antoine Ullmo (Paris, France), with a staff of more than 50 people from 20 different countries working with public and private organisations on a European and international level.

Our projects are based on participatory educational schemescommunity-building processes and innovative contents. They contribute to increasing, in an ethical manner, the quantitative and qualitative impact of our clients’ social responsibility actions and communication strategies. These strategies are usually focused on the interest of the individuals they care for, the societies they are part of and the institutions they represent.


There are many ways of being an education specialist. We work with and for teachers, trainers, researchers and social workers on a daily basis, but we add our own expertise, creating new educational paradigms based on key participation and mutual learning concepts.


We create and implement for our clients educative strategies and projects that enhance and communicate their values and goals, facilitate dialogue with their stakeholders, improve their actions' effectiveness and generate value for society as a whole. Through education we seek to encourage all social actors to think, question their surroundings and contribute to social dialogue.