Net Balance

Net Balance specialises in all aspects of sustainability and social responsibility. Our focus is on five key domains – sustainability strategy and advice, climate change, environmental services, social and community investment and economics. If you think of sustainability and social responsibility as a value chain, we can offer services across the entire chain or in any one part of it.

We also run the Net Balance Foundation. We set it up to provide open-source, public good research and to work with NGOs and SMEs that cannot usually afford to pay the full cost of sustainability services. Collectively, we aim to spend 20% of our time on Foundation work.

Net Balance has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London. We have over 40 professionals including environmental and social scientists, business consultants, engineers, lawyers, economists and accountants.

Increasingly, we find the work we do with clients today is often about helping them plan for tomorrow. To prepare for change we can all see coming and, more importantly, for change that cannot be predicted so easily. That’s what we mean when we talk about Tomorrow’s Agenda.


Toolkit front cover

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit and User Guide: a comprehensive guide to planning for climate change adaptation in three steps

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