National Environment Agency

To protect and preserve the environment of the Gambia: a semi autonomous government institution.


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ATK Adaptation Screening

Adaptation Screening

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climate matrix table

ATK Current vulnerability Mapping

This tool helps to establish the degree and range of impacts of different climate hazards on resources, livelihoods and social groups

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ATK Trend Analysis and Historical Disturbance Matrix

This exercise explores the disturbance dynamics in the past and coping mechanisms as a basis to understand current vulnerability.

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capacity mapping exercise

ATK Capacity Mapping

A participatory tool for identifying the capacities, skills and assets of an organisation relevant for climate change adaptation. 

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image of participatory scenario building workshop

ATK Participatory Scenario building

Participants are led through a brainstorming exercise to develop road maps/ adaptation alternatives towards a desired future state 

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ATK Assessing Climate Change Perceptions

This activity assesses communities’ perceptions of climate change and identifies the influential factors as well as its related current and future consequences.

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