Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme

NCAP is a programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Management of the NCAP is passed to an independent executing agency.

ETC International is managing the current phase of the NCAP (during 2003-2007).

The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) managed phase one of the NCAP (during 1996-2003).

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Mainstreaming adaptation into Ghana's national development plans

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Ghana Fisheries

A quarter of the Ghanaian population lives in coastal zones and roughly 10% depend on coastal fisheries for their livelihoods.

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Ghana Health

Climate change, in the form of thermal stress, can directly affect cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity and mortality.

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Ghana Climate and Poverty

There is a strong relationship between climate and poverty levels.

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Ghana Energy

Ghana’s energy sector has already showed signs of susceptibility to climate change, particularly the effect of highly variable precipitation patterns on hydropower production.

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Ghana Water

Water Resource Management
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