Lund University

Lund University is a welcoming meeting place and a melting pot of new ideas. We are a full-scale university that with its diversity and strong environments for education, research and innovation tackles complex intellectual problems and global challenges.

Together we work to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. 

At Lund University, new generations of students learn to investigate and understand themselves and the world around them. They develop their ability to work with others to tackle demanding problems. They lay a foundation for lifelong learning based on knowledge, creativity and democratic values. Lund University educates future knowledge producers, problem solvers and leaders.

Core values

Lund University represents fundamental human rights and democratic and academic values. We shall operate in a context of gender equality and ethnic and social diversity. Respect, tolerance and concern shall govern all relationships, as well as mutual acceptance of responsibility and loyalty to the core values, mission and goals of the University.

Rationality, quality and commitment permeate the activities of our University. Academic integrity is absolute. There is ample room for different opinions and for debate. Respect for different viewpoints and objectivity direct our activities. 

Critical thinking and free access to research information are promoted. We have an innovative and creative environment with scope for change and opportunities for professional development for employees. Humour, curiosity and commitment are key concepts.

The University is a critical voice and driving force in society. We cooperate with the international higher education community and carry out research and education in global issues of decisive import to the future of mankind. 

Higher education and research shall contribute to democracy, sustainable development and liberation from oppression. Our University stands for goals and visions that inspire hope!


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