JANASAHAJYA is a Non-Government, Non-Political, Non-Profit Making and Secular grassroots level organization which works in Kalahandi & Kandhamal District with marginalized Tribal, Dalits, destitute & other backward segments of the society on Right Based approaches.

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Its core areas of services/involvement include Forest & land Rights, MGNREGA, RSBY, WADI, WSHG, GRLTP, MEDP, Financial Inclusion, Farmer’s Group, Micro Planning, BGREI, Bio-Diversity, Rural Sanitation Programme, Diversion Based Irrigation (DBI), Joint Forest Management, Financial Awareness Programme, Seed Village Programme, Safe & informed Migration, Food Security, Education for children, Climate resilient agriculture, preservation of indigenous seeds, DrudgeryReduction, Non-Pest Management,  promotion of Agriculture Clusters, Farmers Producer Companies (FPOs)  & Producer Groups (PG), Addressing Women & Child Issues, Nodal Training Centre for Agri-Entrepreneurship etc.