Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney

The Institute for Sustainable Futures was established as a flagship research institute of the University of Technology, Sydney in 1996. Our mission is to create change towards sustainable futures through independent, project-based research. We work in a number of different research areas using a variety of approaches. We share the outcomes of our research through publications such as journal articles, conference papers and project reports. We occasionally hold workshops and seminars. Our postgraduate program leads to either a Masters or PhD in Sustainable Futures. We provide research, analysis and policy and program advice in the areas of climate change adaptation and disaster risks reduction. Our work enhances the ability of policy makers, practitioners and communities to reduce vulnerabilities and increase the capacities of vulnerable groups. We have a strong grounding and scientific background in the drivers of climate change and a practical understanding of the impacts climate change. Our work covers both urban and rural contexts and extends from the water sector, to behavioural change initiatives, to social, institutional and ecological resilience, to buildings and cities, to resource management issues. We engage with community-based, regional and national-scale climate change adaptation initiatives in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region and have been involved in climate change policy development and the translation of new policy into national planning and implementation instruments.


Adaptive planning flow diagram indicating the iterative nature of the process

Managing uncertainty under multiple drivers and disruptors

This Multi-Objective Adaptive Planning Framework incorporates responsive and adaptive planning techniques to manage the variety of future uncertainties, while meeting multiple objectives.


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Ecosystem Services mapping activity

Engagement on Biodiversity Conservation & Climate Change Adaptation in Papua New Guinea

The handbook outlines a range of activities that can be used to promote community dialogue & participatory decision-making for biodiversity conservation & climate change adaptation. 

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passive solar house Kabul

Evaluating Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development

This book documents emerging and innovative evaluation knowledge and practice for climate change and its links to sustainable development.

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4258 47mb - climate adaptation.

DAMP Handbook

A handbook to help local facilitators train communities to identify climate change adaptation strategies and to identify indicators of change and triggers for when to act.

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local indicators - climate adaptation.

Child Centred CBA Indicators

This document provides guidance on developing local level indicators for climate change adaptation from the perspectives of children and their communities. 

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5554825fc23dc17066845442-fdccc1aca4-o - climate adaptation.

Child-centred, Community-based Adaptation

This poster is one of the posters featured at the 9th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA9) in Nairobi, Kenya, from April 24-30 2015.

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