The INTASAVE-CARIBSAVE Group is a global not-for-profit and environmental enterprise that innovates, connects and implements practical solutions for sustainable development and climate change. At the heart of what we do lies our in-depth understanding of the unique cultural, political and social context in the countries we work in.

We have offices in the following geographical areas:

We work across four areas of focus:

  • Climate Change Risk and Resilience
  • Low Carbon Development and Renewable Energy
  • Society and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Biodiversity, Eco-systems and Marine Conservation

In each of these areas, we innovate, connect and implement solutions for climate change and sustainable development.


assar spot nov 11 fp - climate adaptation.

The ASSAR Spotlight - Nov. 2015

Spotlight, November 2015: in this Spotlight we focus on communicating climate information - which climate messages are most important, which audiences are key and how we can all talk to each other.

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img 00004658 - climate adaptation.

Botswana Information Brief

Characterised by high rainfall variability, frequent droughts, low soil moisture and extreme events such as flash floods, these areas experience high levels of community vulnerability.

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