Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer

INSTM is the National Institute of Marine Science and Technology (Tunisia). INSTM conducts research activity related to the sea and its resources: fishing, agriculture, marine environment, sea technologies, oceanography and climate.

As part of the CIRCE project, INSTM is coordinating a case study on the impact of climate change on the Gulf of Gabes, with a focus on sea-level rise and the impact on the Tourism sector.

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Literature

CIRCE Foundation Paper - part 2:  Reviewing Key Adaptation Literature

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Introduction

Foundatation paper on adaptation options and screening. Suggested approach views adaptation as a socio-institutional process of learning and change that needs to be supported in innovative ways

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Protoypes

Adaptation Prototypes
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CIRCE Foundation Paper Principles

Principles of Adaptation
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CIRCE Foundation Paper Process

CIRCE Foundation Paper - part 3: Adaptation as a Socio-Instiutional Learning Process

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Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment (CIRCE) was an Integrated Project, funded under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme from 2007-2011.

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