Institute of Natural Resources NPC

The Institute of Natural Resources NPC (INR)  ( was founded thirty-four years ago and is a Non-profit Company located in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  The main business of the Institute of Natural Resources is to work towards the wise use of natural resources in pursuit of sustainability for the good of the environment and society.  We do this through multidisciplinary action research and the dissemination of knowledge.  We work closely with community partners in creating solutions which are both practical and easily implemented.  In addition, we play an advisory role to government, communities and the private sector on key initiatives.

The Institute’s primary focus is sustainable resource management, with experience and expertise in the following fields:

  • Water Resources and Biodiversity
  • Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Reporting
  • Land Resources and Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Environmental Change and Vulnerability
  • Livelihoods and Biodiversity.
  • Ecosystem Services