INFRAS Knowledge Pool for Solutions for the Future

Who we are

  • An independent consulting group providing policy analysis and implementation services since 1976. We are situated in Zurich and Bern and are fully owned by our management and senior staff.
  • We offer a diverse pool of knowledge of 50 committed employees with a broad multi-disciplinary know-how in economics and social sciences, engineering and natural sciences.

What we do

  • Plan and do research on topics related to sustainable development.
  • Develop practical solutions and decision-making principles in key societal, economical and eco-logical fields.

Who we work for

  • Private and public companies, national and international administrations and organisations.

The way we work

  • Independently, in an unbiased, fair, multi-disciplinary, practical and implementation-oriented way.
  • We include different views and methods, and think beyond boundaries.
  • We aim for ecological and socially responsible, long-term sustainable solutions.
  • We focus on the customer benefit.

We excel in

  • in-depth understanding of economic processes, policy planning and decision-making.
  • Mediating between researchers, economists and policy makers.


SDC foresight risk map

Foresight analysis: Global and regional risks and hotspots

This foresight report provides information about short- and medium-term climate-related risks and analyses these risks with regard to water, food, health and regional stability.

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climate conflicts potential map

Climate Change & Environment Nexus Brief: Fragility and Conflict

This brief looks at the nexus of environment, climate change, fragility and conflict and their complex interlinkages, and focuses on conflicts related to declining natural resources.

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Highway in Panama City (Dieter Zinnbauer).

Cities, climate change and corruption – issues, dynamics, strategies

Corruption has the potential to disrupt urban development and responses to climate change. This webinar unpacks the relationship between these issues and discusses possible policy responses.

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Webinar: How to make poor people less vulnerable to natural disasters

In this webinar Stephane Hallegatte explores the link between extreme weather and extreme poverty that underscores the urgency for policies that better protect the world’s most vulnerable.

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CC&E Nexus Brief: Migration

This brief focuses on the climate change, environment and migration nexus and synthesizes the main findings on this subject to date, both in general and with a focus on North Africa.

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