Institute of Biometeorology (National Research Council)

The Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) of the National Research Council (CNR), Italy, is engaged in a wide spectrum of research activities in basic and applied meteorology, climatology, ecosystem analysis, crop yield forecasting systems, socio-economic development in agriculture and forestry at different scales and over several distinct geographical areas, including cooperation with developing countries.

The CNR-IBIMET is the coordinator of Rural Case Study Research Line 11.4.

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Mobile Monitoring System

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Protoypes

Adaptation Prototypes
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CIRCE Foundation Paper Principles

Principles of Adaptation
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CIRCE Foundation Paper Process

CIRCE Foundation Paper - part 3: Adaptation as a Socio-Instiutional Learning Process

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Literature

CIRCE Foundation Paper - part 2:  Reviewing Key Adaptation Literature

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CIRCE Foundation Paper Introduction

Foundatation paper on adaptation options and screening. Suggested approach views adaptation as a socio-institutional process of learning and change that needs to be supported in innovative ways

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