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Over the past decade, public awareness of climate change and its impacts has grown immensely resulting in more urgent action at the local, national and international levels. The Sustainable Development Programme of the HBS seeks to maintain and increase the current awareness of climate change, and through its international network of offices to provide a platform for African voices to be heard at the international level and conversely to create local awareness of the global discourse on climate change.

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the development of just and equitable responses to climate change at local, regional and international levels. The climate change component of the programme focuses on: 

  • Mitigation - particularly by promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency as sustainable solutions to climate change; 
  • Adaptation  - by highlighting the expected impacts of climate change in the region e.g. on the water resources of the region; 
  • Finance and technology transfer – by seeking to understand and promote the most suitable finance and technology solutions for the region.
people walk through a flooded street

Operationalizing Finance for Loss and Damage: from Principles to Modalities

Explore this report providing information for crucial negotiations and discussions on loss and damage finance by exploring different options for how it can be operationalized.

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Climate Finance Thematic Briefing: Adaptation Finance

This briefing provides an overview of finance flows and major funds supporting adaptation in 2015 and the geographical distribution of these funds.

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