Finnish Meteorological Institute

The mission of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is to produce high-quality observation and research data on the atmosphere and seas. The Institute combines this expertise into the services it provides to promote public safety as well as increase well-being in the society and the environment, taking into account the needs to maintain preparedness.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute:

  • produces weather services and physical marine services to meet the needs of public safety, transport, businesses and people in the country;
  • acquires and manages reliable data on the physical state and chemical composition of the atmosphere and the seas and the impact of climate on different areas of Finnish society and internationally;
  • conducts and promotes meteorological research, physical oceanography, research into the polar regions, space research, and other research closely linked to the field;
  • issues warnings about changes in the weather or the physical state of the sea that pose a risk;
  • is responsible for forecasts of harmful airborne substances and for issuing warnings about them when this is not the responsibility of another authority;
  • produces sector-related services, particularly aviation weather services, to safeguard national defence and ensure the viability of other operations of the Finnish Defence Forces in both normal conditions and in emergencies and exceptional circumstances;
  • is responsible for updating and providing continuously weather and marine data and circulation and drift forecasts for the Rescue Services and the Maritime Search and Rescue services;
  • supports the work of other authorities with respect to natural phenomena and disasters both causing disruption;
  • develops and maintains new measurement and modelling techniques for the provision of weather, marine, climate and space services and for scientific research;
  • produces expert services to order, mainly related to official functions in its field;  
  • engages in international collaborations related to its role, produces observational data for international use, and represents Finland among the international organisations in its field.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


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