Europroject is a Bulgarian consultancy specialised in innovation and innovative projects for SMEs in Bulgaria. It is experienced in informative services and studies, technological watch, trainings, support in the setting-up of European and National innovative projects.

It has developed good relationships with authority bodies, public administrations, social partners, training centres and companies. EP also has experience in Life Long Learning projects. It participated into three LdV projects over the last 3 years (Food-Fit, Food-Skills and EQF-Spread) and is involved into two new LLP projects (Food ECVet and Webinar2learn). The main focus of these projects were the analysis of the development of the National and Sectoral Qualification frameworks in Bulgaria, in perspective with the EQF, and the systems of recognition of non-formal and informal learning within the Bulgarian food industry. EP has participated in the development of a specific methodology answering Bulgarian and more generally European needs for the implementation and the development of the EQF.

Europroject and E-VitiClimate

Within E-VitiClimate, EP will assume the role of Management Coordinator. It will ensure an efficient financial and administrative coordination of the project and a good communication between the partners and with the EC services. Europroject will ensure the optimal coordination of human and financial resources, the appropriate functioning and efficiency of the consortium and the timely and appropriate reporting to the EC. It will redact all progress reports and submit them to IFV, in charge of the project technical aspects. 

In addition, EP will be the technological partner. It will be in charge of the full development of the E-VitiClimate, composed of a public informative website, a private elearning platform (accessible by filling in a simple login questionnaire) and a private management website, to enable partners to communicate efficiently. It will provide its expertise in web development. 

Europroject will be leader of WP3 - Website development and WP6 (Dissemination).


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E-VitiClimate Tuscany

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E-VitiClimate Trentino

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E-VitiClimate UK

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E-VitiClimate France

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The EU funded Lifelong learning project E-VitiClimate aims to address the challenges that climate change poses for European wine producers.

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