European Commission

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest.

The Commission is formed of numerous Departments and Executive agencies, including:

  • Directorate-General CLIMA (DG CLIMA), for Climate Action. This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on climate action and it leads international climate negotiations for the EU.
  • Directorate-General ENV (DG ENV), for Environment. This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on the environment. It proposes and implements policies that ensure a high level of environmental protection and preserve the quality of life of EU citizens.
  • Directorate-General ECHO (DG ECHO), for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations. The main mission of the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations is to preserve lives, prevent and alleviate human suffering and safeguard the integrity and dignity of populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises. Headquartered in Brussels with a global network of field offices, DG ECHO ensures rapid and effective delivery of EU relief assistance.
  • Directorate-General DEVCO (DG DEVCO), for International Cooperation and Development. The Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development is the Commission department responsible for EU policy on development and delivering international aid. It is in charge of international development cooperation, adapting to the evolving needs of partner countries, working closely with the department for neighbourhood policy and enlargement and other Commission services.
  • Directorate-General JRC (DG JRC), for the Joint Research Centre​. The Joint Research Centre is the Commission's science and knowledge service. The JRC employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.


Young boy in greenhouse surrounded by seedlings

Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa CC:e-Learn online course

The course will discuss the challenges and outlooks for sustainable development on the continent of Africa. It introduces participants to the key approaches, policies and international frameworks that aim to unlock more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

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Climate ADAPT logo


Climate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change helping users to access and share data and information on climate change projections, vulnerability and adaptation.

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Adaptation Without Borders policy brief

Climate-resilient trade and production

This brief provides an overview of the state of knowledge on transboundary climate risks in Europe, and explores how this knowledge could help Member States, businesses and the EU as a whole to advance climate-resilient trade and production.

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Container ships dock at the Euromax Terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. Photo: Frans Berkelaar

Climate-Resilient Trade and Production

This invite-only online seminar explores how European member states, European businesses and the EU as a whole can usher in a new era of climate-resilient systems.

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Uploading freshly harvested oil palm fruit bunches. Photo: migin / Getty.

Transparency and sustainability in global commodity supply chains

This research assesses the types of supply chain information that are needed to support improvements in sustainability governance.

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