Umweltbundesamt Gmbh - Environment Agency Austria

Our experience of 30 years makes us one of the leading providers of environmental consulting services to national and international clients. Apart from big enterprises, our clients and partners are scientific and political institutions in Austria, the EU and beyond.

Our networks are multi-faceted and far reaching. We are working to build bridges for our clients, we establish networks and we provide support and solutions in all matters which are of relevance to the environment. We are familiar with political, scientific and economic conventions. Our networks are multi-faceted and far-reaching. 

What we stand for is reliability, transparency and independence. We perform evaluations, set standards and develop methods and recommendations. We provide the basics for decision-making. We provide sustainable solutions, and we create ecological and economic added value for our customers.

We are striving to improve the state of the environment and to preserve livelihoods and natural resources. This is how we contribute to sustainable development, by providing a vision for society and aiming to improve the quality of life of both current and future generations.



Climate Adaptation Platform for the Alps (CAPA)

The Climate Adaptation Platform for the Alps (CAPA) platform supports decision-makers in Alpine countries, regions and municipalities in adapting to climate change.

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Cover of PLACARD Institutional strengthening report

Strengthening institutional coordination & capacities

A PLACARD report showcasing innovative activities that target collaboration, improved communication, increased coherence, and capacity-sharing between the CCA and DRR communities.

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Key boundary partners for bridging CCA and DRR in Europe.

Key insights for bridging CCA and DRR in the European Green Deal

The PLACARD manifesto shares insights that bridge climate change adaptation & disaster risk reduction - 3 action areas to improve cooperation & recommendations for the European Green Deal.

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Building in Italy with trees and plants on balconies

Foresight for policy & decision-makers

This report explores the potential role of foresight in integrating DRR and CCA through an analysis of 20 of the most common foresight methods.

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The role of foresight

Using foresight to reduce climate vulnerability

Foresight can be a valuable tool in both climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, as well a useful method to integrate the two approaches.

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PLACARD seeks to support the coordination of the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction communities for coherent, mutually reinforcing and pragmatic planning and action.

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