DOB ecology

DOB Ecology is a Dutch non-profit organization. The foundation was initiated by a Dutch entrepreneurial family, whose philanthropy enables the foundation to support the selected partners and programmes.

At DOB Ecology, we are driven by the believe that strong and healthy ecosystems are vital ingredients for life, well-being and sustainable development. Our mission is to support local partners and communities that work to protect and restore threatened ecosystems. In doing so, our primary focus is on wetlands and forests. In addition, we actively support the further development of cutting-edge science and research related to biodiversity, ecosystems, restoration and climate change.

Illustration of woman wearing a hat and blue coat in a field of yellow grass

Building strongholds for people and nature in the high Andes

Discover how community members in Jujuy Province, Argentina are working to improve the management of the precious water that enables them to graze llamas and other livestock in local wetlands and grasslands, and to grow crops to feed their families or sell on local markets, in this solution story.

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