Debre Berhan University

Debre Berhan University (DBU) is one of thirteen new Universities which were established in 1999 E.C (2007) by the Ethiopian government. It is located in Amhara Region, North Showa Zone, in the town of Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.

DBU hosts two institutes (covering health and technology/engineering) and six colleges covering the various sciences. DBU's College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences currently (as of 2019) includes Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Horticulture, Natural resource management and Plant science departments in under graduate programs and six post graduate programs (Agronomy, Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, Plant Protection, Soil Science and Soil and Water Conservation). In addition, the college is undertaking needs assessment, curriculum development and validation activities for different undergraduate (e.g. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Forestry, Veterinary Laboratory Technician, etc.) and graduate programs (e.g. Animal Breeding, Agro-forestry, Plant breeding, Horticulture, Wild life and Ecotourism, etc.).