Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change - ClimateXChange

Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change - ClimateXChange – is a collaborative initiative between sixteen of Scotland’s leading research and higher education institutions. We do research on climate change directly linked to the Scottish policy agenda. Our members provide evidence base for Scottish Government policy through timely and objective research evidence and expert advice.
ClimateXChange has a call-down service to respond to policy questions raised by Scottish Government policy teams. We also work in partnership to plan our projects for the Scottish Government and its agencies to their policy timeline. Combined, these two approaches place evidence at the heart of policy development.


Redwood Avenue at Benmore Botanic Garden

Adaptation at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Investigating the impact of weather events on plants, people and infrastructure at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, and using these findings to inform adaptation.

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Silvifuture: A network promoting novel forest species

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Climate Ready Forestry at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

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5374f3434e071inner-forth-tidal-pool-at-skinflats-reserve - climate adaptation.

Inner Forth Futurescape

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The Great Trossachs Forest

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5374db6928262vane-farm-peatland-restoration - climate adaptation.

Loch Leven Nature Reserve

Actions to increase adaptive capacity to changing rainfall patterns in the Loch Leven Nature Reserve

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