Aurecon is an engineering, design and advisory company. We are approaching a time of unprecedented change. Emerging technologies will redefine much of what we take as normal today. The coming changes lie outside what we know; past experience won’t always help predict the future. But there is opportunity to design the future for those willing to let go of the past.

Because we know the world of tomorrow won’t look anything like the world of today, at Aurecon we are reshaping our organisation to face the disruptive forces that will impact our markets, so that we can, in turn, help our clients do the same. Aurecon’s commitment to building a future ready organisation takes a three pronged approach, which focuses on innovation, eminence and digital transformation.
At the heart of the company’s innovation strategy is partnering with clients to bring new ideas and knowledge, and deliver differentiation in a highly competitive market. Looking ahead to meet our clients’ future needs, our eminence strategy seeks to foster the development of Aurecon’s world-class expertise and apply this to delivering better outcomes. Our focus on digital transformation seeks to explore the opportunities digital platforms present – both in the planning and delivery of projects.

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Construction equipment in between buildings for the purpose of a water supply and sanitation project in Lusaka

Bottom-Up Adaptive Decision-Support for Resilient Urban Water Security: Lusaka Case Study

This research applies the Decision-Scaling (DS) method as an adaptation framework for decision support, by evaluating system vulnerabilities at both the city- and region- scale for resilient urban water security in Lusaka. 

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Nova Vida Housing Development

Building Happy and Integrated Neighbourhoods in Luanda, Angola

The Nova Vida Housing Development is a large housing development project undertaken for the Angolan government and is a good example of eco-town planning.

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Soil erosion due to heavy rainfall in Nigeria

Tackling Soil Erosion and Improving Lives in South- Eastern Nigeria

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project is aimed at addressing gully erosion in southeastern Nigeria, as well as land degradation in northern Nigeria.

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