Agricultural University of Plovdiv

The Agricultural University - Plovdiv has a 65-year old history and traditions in training highly skilled professionals. For now, it is the only state-funded university specialised in the area of agricultural education and science. The major structural units of the AUP are the four faculties (Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Horticulture with Viticulture, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology, Faculty of Economics) offering 16 different majors for B.Sc. degree and over 30 M.Sc. courses.

The AUP had already updated the curricula and study programmes in compliance with the European requirements and tendencies. Its major areas of research are:

  1. Study, preservation and improvement of plant and animal genetic resources
  2. Sustainable development
  • Safety food production
  • Agricultural development under market economy conditions
  • Protection of the environment and natural resources
  • Harmonious development of the human resources in agriculture
  • New advanced technologies in crop production.

AUP and E-VitiClimate

Within the E-VitiClimate projet, the AUP will be in charge of adapting module 2 to the specificities of the Bulgarian vineyard and to local ecology and specificities. It will validate the website and both the training modules, checking the content understandability and the attractiveness of the educational methods for Bulgarian technicians. It will organise a pilot training and an information day in order to present the training to at least 10 technicians. Finally, AUP will provide support to Bulgarian users once the website is online.

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E-VitiClimate Tuscany

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E-VitiClimate Trentino

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E-VitiClimate UK

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E-VitiClimate France

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The EU funded Lifelong learning project E-VitiClimate aims to address the challenges that climate change poses for European wine producers.

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