Alliance for Global Water Adaptation

Founded in 2010, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) is an informal network for water resources adaptation to climate change, focused on supporting experts, decision makers, and institutions within the water community to find common solutions for sustainable water resources management.

The Alliance is a group of regional and global development banks, government agencies and ministries, diverse non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector focused on sustainable water resources management — even as climate change alters the global hydrological cycle. Water provides coherence to climate change adaptation and mitigation, integrating energy, water, food production and agriculture, and ecosystems and the environment. Our work covers a number of areas related to climate change adaptation: science, policy, economics, engineering, and more. AGWA is focused on how to help experts, decision makers, and institutions in the water community work more effectively. We want to work with you, through and across our network.

AGWA's site serves both as an introduction and a resource around climate change adaptation and water. We invite you to explore, contribute, and learn with us.

For support and capacity building efforts around bottom-up approaches to addressing and assessing climate risk and other uncertainties in water management, visit AGWA's Knowledge Platform:


a large dam holding back a reservoir

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