Asian Development Bank

ADB is helping its Developing Member Countries (DMCs) adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change by providing support at three levels, through: regional and sub-regional cooperation and information exchange; national policy and strategy development; and project-level mainstreaming. ADB expects to increase its assistance to its DMCs with financial resource mobilisation to support adaptation efforts. Core elements of ADB's adaptation program include:

(a) addressing vulnerability risks in national development strategies and actions;

(b) increasing climate resilience of vulnerable sectors;

(c) climate proofing projects; and

(d) addressing social dimensions.

Bolstering these efforts are long-standing programs of support for disaster preparedness and response, which are increasingly integrated with adaptation efforts. As an executing agency of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), ADB is positioned to tap resources from the three GEF-administered climate change adaptation funds as well as its own resources and other sources of financing.


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Guidelines and tools for assessing the social and biophysical vulnerability to climate change.

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Middelgruden Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark_United Nations via Flickr

Key reports for the CC&E Network 2014-2016

These publications provide insights and learning on key topics in climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development, and highlight areas for future research and policy development.

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Economics of Climate Change in the Pacific

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Business-focused adaptation: climate proofing agricultural infrastructure

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Strengthening Khulna City water sector

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