AdaptationWatch is a growing partnership of organizations from across the world, aiming to raise governance standards for adaptation to climate change. AdaptationWatch partners combine cutting edge tools on tracking development finance with world class research, advocacy and capacity building. AdaptationWatch seeks to share information and work collaboratively with all organisations engaged in transparency and accountability, and climate change adaptation.


The impacts of climate change are falling disproportionately on the world’s poorest nations and peoples, who are often the least able to cope. International funding is critical for adapting to a changing climate and building resilient societies. However in many countries, access to information about the distribution and use of climate finance is severely limited, making it difficult to assess how effectively it is being used in tackling vulnerability and meeting local priorities, whilst the mechanisms for dispersing climate finance remain at risk of corrupt abuse, waste and mismanagement. Finance for adaptation is more effective when its use is transparent and accountable, both to donors and international observers, but especially to local stakeholders. AdaptationWatch aims to sharply improve the tracking of investments in climate adaptation and resilience, including social monitoring and documentation of spending to the local level, supporting meaningful assessment of its effectiveness.


  • Develop methods to track climate finance and assess its value in promoting greater transparency, accountability, integrity and ultimately effectiveness of climate finance at national and subnational levels.

  • Strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders to participate meaningfully in monitoring and tracking climate adaptation finance.

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Raised homes in Bangladesh, a climate adaptation project

Can the Least Developed Countries Count on the Green Climate Fund?

The Green Climate Fund is a critical institution for the implementing of the Paris Agreement. Is it fulfilling its promisies and helping deliver successful adaptation outcomes in vulnerable nations?

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 Climate-smart village in Honduras in Santa Rita, Copán

Adaptation Governance and Green Climate Fund Readiness

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are utilizing the Green Climate Fund's Readiness Program in a variety of ways that demonstrate strong regional interest in good adaptation governance.

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UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa signs the COP23 hosting agreement with German State Secretary.

Climate Finance Received - An Assessment of Biennial Update Reports

In their Biennial Update Report submissions to the UNFCCC, Non-Annex I Parties have encountered difficulty adhearing to UN reporting requirements and have used vastly different reporting approaches.

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Severe flooding in Thailand

Financing from the Ground Up - Experiences in Adaptation Finance from Southeast Asia

Climate adaptation finance, a critical resource for developing countries, can sometimes be governed via national-level institutions that are disconnected from the contexts and needs of local people.

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Low-lying homes in Bangladesh

Capacity building for climate change: Lessons from other regimes

Climate leaders must learn from existing work in other international regimes to ensure the effectiveness of capacity-building programs.

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Glacier in Chile. Curt Carnemark/World Bank, via Flickr

Toward climate finance reporting systems in Latin America

This research brief calls for the development of robust reporting systems for climate finance in Latin America, through national capacity builidng and based on mutually-agreed priniciples.

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