Adaptation Scotland

Scotland’s climate is changing, understanding how this is happening will be important for effective climate change adaptation.

The climate of Scotland is already changing. Over the last century it has got warmer, precipitation patterns have changed and we have seen an increased frequency of heavy rain events. The experience of recent years has shown us that climate change and severe weather events have already impacted many aspects of society, including health, agriculture, water resources and energy demands.

The UK Climate Projections (UKCP09) provide a comprehensive package of climate modelling that can inform us about how Scotland's climate is likely to change over the 21st century. The projections indicate that the climate trends observed over the last century will continue and intensify, producing warmer wetter winters and hotter drier summers. Understanding the implications of these changes will be important for effective climate change adaptation in Scotland.

Adaptation Scotland provides advice and support to help ensure that Scotland is prepared for, and resilient to, the impacts of climate change.


Welsh community helping rebuild after floods

Communicating climate change adaptation

This practical guide introduces the concept of values-based climate change communication for adaptation. 

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communication failures thumb

Learning from failures in communication

This article captures the key findings from a workshop at ECCA 2017 that aimed to have open discussions around experiences with adaptation communication to share and learn from what hasn’t worked.

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Caerlaverock castle

Using GIS to screen for climate change risks to historic buildings

Find out how Historic Environment Scotland developed a GIS-based approach to screen their properties for climate-related natural hazards such as flooding, coastal erosion and ground instability.

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Crowd holding umbrellas walks through heavy rain

Using a Local Climate Impact Profile (LCLIP) with Aberdeen City Council to assess vulnerability

See how Adaptation Scotland helped Aberdeen City Council complete a Local Climate Impact Profile to study the impact of past extreme weather events and assess the areas vulnerability to future risk.

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Edinburgh, Adaptation Action Plan,

Creating Edinburgh's city-wide action plan

The Edinburgh Adapts project has created a city wide adaptation vision and action plan that is inclusive, innovative and responsive to local priorities. This case study explains how we did it.

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Assessing current and future climate threats

This case study explains how the University of St Andrews completed a climate impact assessment workshop with staff and senior managers from the Estates department.

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