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The Adaptation Learning Network is helping professionals in British Columbia who work at the front line of climate adaptation to integrate adaptation competencies into their professional practice, through education, training and networking.   

The Adaptation Learning Network: Inspiring Climate Action platform aims to increase British Columbia’s capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate change. The ALN team work to enhance the knowledge and skills of working professionals who care for the province’s natural resources and infrastructure, including engineers, planners, technicians, landscape architects, agrologists, biologists, and foresters. The ALN team help professionals to build their skills through professional training in climate adaptation while encouraging knowledge exchange through a network of professionals in multiple disciplines. 

Adaptation Learning Network is led by the Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University. The project is supported by the Climate Action Secretariat of the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy and Natural Resources Canada through its Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program. The BRACE program works with Canadian provinces to support training activities that help build skills and expertise on climate adaptation and resilience. 


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Digital Education in Times of Climate Crisis

From my perspective, there are new and important opportunities for teaching and learning centres’ influence on higher education, with a focus on advancing climate change competencies in all curricula.  

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ALN 2019-22

The project, with its supporting funding, is ending. The ALN project launched in January 2019 and closed March 31, 2022.  We hope you will check out our Adaptation Learning Network Final Report. 

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Climate Policy for Climate Adaptation Professionals

Check out this ALN course with video lectures which covers the basics of environmental policy, climate mitigation and adaptation policy, overviews of key policy actors and tools, and policy gaps.

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Strategic Dialogue and Engagement for Climate Adaptation

This course will provide you with skills to overcome barriers to action, mobilize knowledge and data effectively, and work across silos in genuine interdisciplinary and collaborative practice.

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Ecosystems for the Future Online Course

Take this online learning course to bring into focus the practice of restoration of ecosystems at the local and regional level in British Columbia through a series of presentations and video lectures. 

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Green Infrastructure in Urban Centres

The course provides an overview of how green infrastructure (GI) systems work, the ecosystem services they can provide, and how they can be employed effectively.

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