African Climate and Development Initiative, University of Cape Town

Vision of ACDI:

To help create a developing world that has transitioned to a sustainable growth trajectory and has the capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change and its related issues, through supporting the effective management of these challenges on the African continent and beyond.

Objectives of ACDI:

  • To increase scientific knowledge and understanding on climate change and development
  • To educate and train new generations of researchers, practitioners and decision-makers
  • To increase awareness and promote better informed decision-making about climate change and development by engaging with a wide range of key audiences and stakeholders.



Urban resilience and everyday risk

African cities face unique challenges and climate change threats. This paper analyzes how resiliency can be made applicable to urban African contexts.

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farmer with watercan

The utility of weather and climate information for adaptation decision-making

This paper outlines currently available climate information and presents examples from Africa and India to highlight successes and barriers to the use and uptake of information in decision making.

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Barriers and opportunities for scientific capacity development on climate change in Africa

This study highlights barriers to and opportunities for robust scientific capacity development systems in diverse African contexts.

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