Yosef Kinfe

Technical Adviser to the Ethiopian Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy

I am a senior professionally licensed expert for water resources engineering and environmental modelling. For the last 11 years, I have acquired significant experiences and have worked with quantitative and conceptual coupled models of climate and hydrological systems, and decision support system/tools for agro-technology transfer in the varying and changing local climate for on-farm agronomic decision advisory. I have always enjoyed and been strong in areas that require logical, analytical thinking. I am anxious to combine my interests in water resources engineering, disaster risk management and in climate science with my knowledge of, modelling agro- and hydro-climatic uncertainties and decision-making. There are several frameworks and tools for a given specific areas that I have already studied and developed that I think would lend themselves to research and strategic based on decision support technology in the water resources and agriculture sectors, and for mainstreaming disaster risk management into sustainable development plan under changing agro-climatic and hydro-climatic contexts, including climate-driven user-tailored tools for building resilience, agronomic decision making, modelling agriculture water demand, simulation of climate variables to be used operationally to alleviate the problem of data availability. In the meantime, I have worked as managerial position and as a technical advisor for higher officials of the Ethiopian government and experts in mainstreaming climate information in the water, agriculture and industrial sectors for short term to long term planning. I am mostly interested professionally in the relationship between the climate, water and society. I am a kind of a person who believes in planning and execution with sociable character, and with an excellent Communication/inters personal skills to interact individuals at all levels and very organized person who have Positive attitude towards work and great ability towards result oriented output.

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ct theme 2 - climate adaptation.

Climate Adaptation Learning Resources

Training modules and other resources on climate analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.
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