wedzerai Mandudzo

PhD researcher

Wedzerai C Mandudzo, Ph.D. Researcher in the Transboundary Conservation. Her work is centred on fostering society and environment relationships for sustainable development. Her research interests are in developing and integrating innovative approaches in climate change adaptation and effective transboundary conservation that acknowledge and incorporate indigenous mechanisms. Broadly, Ms Mandudzo’s methodological research focus is ethno-ecological learning for causal inference and prediction between environment and societies. Within TFCAs, Ms Mandudzo works on the impacts of initiatives on local, livelihoods, rural development, global biodiversity conservation, peace and integration.

wedzerai is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Adaptation Learning Programme

The Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa increases the capacity of vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to increasing and uncertain climate change and climate variability.
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SDC Climate Change & Environment Network

The CC&E Network provides a knowledge exchange platform for development practitioners, organizations and SDC staff and partners working in and around climate change and environment issues
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Drylands Resource Guide

This guide highlights research and learning for climate change hotspots, with annotations from ASSAR academics to guide you to the most relevant and useful information for your work.
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The Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance programme is made up of Oxfam GB, ODI, Save the Children International, Care International and World Vision International.
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Governance, institutions and policy

Advancing new insights into good governance for sustainable development in the face of social and ecological change.
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Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Enhancing ecosystem services to support climate adaptation.
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