Juan Pablo Viteri

media producer

Juan Pablo Viteri is an anthropologist, visual and sound artist whose main interest is the study of new media and Latin-American and Ecuadorian independent music. Furthermore, his approach aims to explore the intersections between academic research and creative practice. He is currently doing a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies at Birmingham City University, and he is a full time lecturer at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. He is also the coordinates Radio COCOA; a web based platform created for the documentation and promotion of the Ecuadorian Independent culture.

Natural Sessions in the Andean Chocó

Is there action without emotion? The Experience of Natural Sessions in the Andean Chocó – Ecuador

This article explores the importance of incorporating emotion and sensitivity for the protection of the Andean Chocó Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador, based on the experience of "Natural Sessions" 

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ales-krivec-n-atikx-b00-unsplash low res 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation in Mountains

Mountains are highly vulnerable to climate change. They also provide numerous essential services. This theme explores how mountains and mountain communities can be made more resilient.
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