Blake Gentry

Director of AmaConsultants, Volunteer Author and Experts Review Coordinator of Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation at Higher Ground Foundation

Ama Consultants helps people move forward by learning about where they have been.
In the Cherokee language, áma (A-ma) means “water”, the essence of life that both carries us into the future and changes our course to ensure our survival. Amá (a-MA) means salt, water´s residual mineral that marks our path of knowledge and reflective wisdom. We cover program evaluation, social research, planning for training, program design, curriculum design, rights advocacy. email:

Higher Ground Foundation
For the Higher Ground Foundation, Blake Gentry from AmaConsultants authored a 2nd draft of Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation as an annex to the Vulnerability Reduction Credits (VRC) Framework of the Higher Ground Foundation. VRC approved projects will be for 10 yr. cycle community adaptation once finalized.

Blake is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Drylands Resource Guide

This guide highlights research and learning for climate change hotspots, with annotations from ASSAR academics to guide you to the most relevant and useful information for your work.
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Transnational climate impacts

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 
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This 5-year research project seeks to better understand barriers and enablers to widespread transformative adaptation to advance adaptive livelihoods for vulnerable groups
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Small Islands and Climate Change

Promoting an understanding of the vulnerabilities and resilience of islands not only among SIDS but also among countries with islands.
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National Adaptation Planning

Designing robust, flexible adaptation strategies for national adaptation plans.
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Forests and Climate Change

Exploring the role of forests for the adaptation of people to climate change.
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