Trésor Badisungu

Africa Coordinator

Trésor Badisungu is the Africa Coordinator of the pan-African non-profit organization called: Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO) whose mission is to improve and strengthen the resilience of indigenous and local communities to climate change with a view to combating climate change. poverty, climate and environmental justice, environmental protection and inclusive and resilient management of natural resources in Africa.

With more than 8 years of work as an expert, researcher, coordinator of climate change adaptation and mitigation programs and projects in the fields of community resilience, urban resilience, climate and environmental communication and education, climate and environmental justice as well as on the protection and resilient management of natural resources and biodiversity in the context of change in Africa.

He is the designer and manager of the pan-African incubation program "Green Prize for a Sustainable Africa" ​​focused on the identification and support for startups and innovative initiatives of young green entrepreneurs in the fields of agriculture (agribusiness), renewable energies, water, hygiene and sanitation, transport, buildings, prevention and management of climate disasters, climate and environmental education and communication, climate and environmental justice as well as in the field of conservation and resilient management of biodiversity and natural resources in Africa.

Trésor Badisungu also coordinates the CCAO Network, which currently brings together 54 national focal points and 1404 entrepreneurs and young Green Climate Ambassadors involved in advocacy and adaptation to climate change and which works with partners, government institutions, organizations grassroots, indigenous and local communities to implement many climate smart initiatives and influence relevant policies to help build resilient communities while supporting indigenous and technology initiatives in Africa.

Trésor is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platforms

This Network, managed by the KE4CAP project, provides a space for adaptation knowledge platform operators and managers to connect and learn from one another.
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Y-Adapt is a curriculum for young people that helps them to both understand climate change and to take practical action to adapt to the changing climate in their community.
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ckb - climate adaptation.

Climate Knowledge Brokers

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group is a growing alliance of around 400 leading global, regional and national knowledge brokers specialising in climate and development information.
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Adaptation Learning Programme

The Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa increases the capacity of vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to increasing and uncertain climate change and climate variability.
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SDC Climate Change & Environment Network

The CC&E Network provides a knowledge exchange platform for development practitioners, organizations and SDC staff and partners working in and around climate change and environment issues
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Climate Adaptation Training

Training modules and other resources on climate analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.
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