Timothy Karpouzoglou

Timothy Karpouzoglou is a post doc working within the ESPA project Mountain EVO "Adaptive governance of mountain ecosystem services for poverty alleviation enabled by environmental virtual observatories". In our project we are interested in deepening citizen science and helping communities take control of their environmental resources. Our work is carried out in four mountain regions across the world where vulnerable and poor communities are reliant on local resources, so-called ‘ecosystem services’, such as water supply from wetland areas, for daily survival including the Andes in central Peru, the Ethiopian highlands around Lake Tana, the Central Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and the Kaligandaki watershed in Northern Nepal.

paper ss

Advancing adaptive governance of social-ecological systems through theoretical multiplicity

The aim of this paper is to examine adaptive governance as a theory of environmental governance.

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EVO case study Peru

MOUNTAIN EVO - Peru Case Study

Living with change in Huamantanga, Peru- one of the research project Mountain-EVOs case studies

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MOUNTAIN EVO - Nepal Case Study

This Mountain-EVO case study focuses on the Upper Kaligandaki basin in Nepal due to its relative accessibility and the strategic links with local development actors. 

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Adaptive Governance in Mountains (MOUNTAIN EVO)

This project is about how to govern mountatin ecosystems for poverty alleviation enabled by environmental virtual observatories.

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Timothy is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

52dfc4e74363ctransforming-governacne 1 - climate adaptation.

Governance, institutions and policy

Advancing new insights into good governance for sustainable development in the face of social and ecological change.
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