Nelson Enojo

Community Facilitator/Organizer

Since 2000, I was already labelled as "psychogreen" locally.  Today, I already gave up my professional career and left my job to obey the things that keeps on rattling inside me.  I am just waiting until the end of this year to work completely to the things I love.  The grassroots communities, the environment and people for ecosystem services.

I am obsessed with the implementation concept of the Philippine National Greening program "Convergence Initiative."  Governed by E.O. 26, 16 national government agencies converged to work on a common goal of alleviating poverty through reforestations projects.  Billions of trees and millions of hectares is targeted. 

This is and was supposed to be one perfect solutions for ecosystem services for poverty alleviation but 3 years after it's lauching in 2011 it has not achieved it's full potential.  Why? too many partners each has it's own priorities.  The DENR as lead agency already is pesimistic of "social mobilization" as mechanizism, at least in my personal experience with our local DENR office.

We have proven that convergence works in one reforestation project in my locality as early as 2003.  We believe that sustainability begins in education and successfully organized a women's association seedling production livelihood.  They established their nursery inside the school community and together with the pupils and school staff they managed and worked the basics in environmental education.

This was the essence of the Philippine National Greening program and we have to get involved not only in our thoughts and suggestions, plans and proposals and various concepts.  It is not working. 

This time for 2015 I will give it my full time.  Already I have tendered my resignation and ready to face the challenges to what I consider a quantum leap to the unknown.  Having no formal training or degree, I will become an effective  environmental extension service worker.

We still have one year until 2016 before the Philippine National Greening program ends.  With the convergence of almost all government agencies the Philippine government has mobilized, this initiative is very workable.

We will begin our case mission "RAISING 3 MILLION COFFEE & CACAO QUALITY SEEDLINGS."


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