Thakur Prasad Devkota

Climate change adaptation

I am from Nepal and wrok as independent researcher related the climate chnage and tourism (Basically Mountain Tourism) in Nepal. 

I have more than 15 years’ professional experience in policy, planning and research activities on development and climate change adaptation sectors. I have just completed the assignment of assessment of climate change governance in Nepal and preparation of climate change training material as well as engaged to conduct workshop training in all provinces and national level. I was engaged in as a “NAP Policy and Institutional Expert (Climate Change Adaptation) in Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Process in Nepal for United Nations Environment Programme. During this assignment in NAP process, provided me ample opportunity to familiar with all type of stakeholders that help me to increase confidence level, and my role to facilitate multi-stakeholder’s engagement in different capacity in climate change resilient development process. I was engaged and successfully completed the training on NAP-Ag, in FAO/UNDP/ADAPT-Nepal as a climate change adaptation expert for training in all provincial level. I have completed preparation of “guidelines for making plan and budget process for climate resilient development of Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE) as a Senior Policy and Institutional Expert -Climate change for Oxford Policy Management (OPM) Nepal. I engaged and complete the economic impact assessment of climate change in tourism as a climate change Tourism Expert and participate to prepare the private sectors engagement modality and training manual for private sectors and in Climate Change Resilience in Tourism for MoCTCA/Practical action.  


I was expert team member in NAP process in Nepal and thematic lead of Tourism, Natural and Cultural Heritage (TNCH) during the First phase of NAP process. I had participated in several workshops, theme meeting, climate change related meetings and workshops with multi-stakeholder’s meeting and consultation.  During the process I have developed vulnerability and risk assessment framework for the TNCH and provide technical support to other themes. I have completed the NAP stocktaking report of the TNCH, climate change resilience pathway, gap analysis report in climate change issue, option paper for climate change resilience development etc. I have prepared the vulnerability and risk assessment framework on the basis of IPCC fifth assessment report and Sendai Framework and prepared the indicators. I was engaged in coordination and collaboration with multi-stakeholders’ engagement, government institutions, I/NGO, development partners, community-based organizations, ethnic groups, and institutions during my professionalism will be asset for this assignment.   


I have completed the research in ‘High Mountain Facing Severe Climatic Influence and Impact on the Tourism and Tourism Dependent Livelihood’ under PPCR. Before that, I have completed review and analysis of 101 LAPAs (Local Adaptation Plan for Action); its implementation modality and impact of climate change related activities in project beneficiaries in local level. I have done that assessment and review LAPAs for identification of entry points and its integration process into local units of government system focusing on water resources related activities in local level. This study capacitates me as an adaptation planner and research practitioner in water resources, and climate change induced disaster for climate change resilient development.


I have successfully completed research on role of indigenous knowledge system in climate change resilience development in local level for Nepal Climate Change Support Program (NCCSP).  This study focused on major climate change induced disasters its impact and traditional practices to combat. This study also list out the acquired knowledge to adapt with changing pattern of climatic variables and climate change induced disasters during the process of community development. It focused on adaptation practices in agricultural, water resources and infrastructure. In addition, I worked as Emergency livelihood and food security (EFSVL) officer in OXFAM GB after Gorkha Earthquake.


I am graduation in Agriculture, Master and M. Phil. in Anthropology. My M. Phil. thesis research on “Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Knowledge System and Cultural Practices in Utilization of Natural Resources”. During fieldwork of M. Phil, focused on cultural practices in natural resource management to adapt climate change and that produce indigenous knowledge system. My specialization of M. Phil is “Society, Culture and Environment” and other general subjects are Anthropology and Development, Anthropology and Globalization, Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Issue, Research Methodology in Anthropology and Anthropology Theory I and II.


My specialization of Master degree isAnthropology of Natural Resources Management and other general subjects are “Analysis of Society and Culture, Evolution and Pre-historic Culture, Anthropology of Development Process and Research Methodology. My Master thesis is “Prospects of Rural Tourism in Nepal”. The filed work of Master degree thesis, focused on practices of natural resource utilization and management for rural tourism development and promotion.  


My academic qualifications and working experiences are related with natural resource management and community development. I am specialized in climate change adaptation, disasters risk amanagement, Tourism, Natural and Cultural Heritage for mountain community and ecosystem.