Tamburiro Pasipangodya

Agricultural Meteorologist

I have been working in the field of extension since 2000 and have vast experience working with smallholder farmers. My passion is to improve climate services particularly for smallholder farmers to enable them to adapt to climate variability and change..

Tamburiro is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

dfj0a9gw0aemc59 - climate adaptation.

Community Based Adaptation

This theme aims to support and connect people working to empower communities to adapt to climate change and features monthly collaborative learning CBA forums.
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care vert 2c1 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation Learning Programme

The Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa increases the capacity of vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to increasing and uncertain climate change and climate variability.
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52de8ec3f3599economics-of-adaptation - climate adaptation.

Economics of adaptation

Assessing the costs of adaptation using multiple lines of evidence.
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